a touch of spice

Unique Statement Earrings

Each earring is custom made and different.  Crafted with genuine materials pieces are created for that person who wants to make a subtle eye and conversation starting statement. 

Jewelry Sets

We love to make sets.  Necklaces, earrings, bracelets all of which are comfortable and make a definite statement.

Featured Products

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Custom Orders

For special events like weddings or lifetime celebrations, we will work with you to design the perfect piece be it jewelry, ceramic, or a specific themed painting.  Most of our pieces sold are made specifically for customers.


Pieces vary from large functional bowls and plates to tiny jars and bottles.  Know that each piece created will bring a smile to your face or someone special you are giving it to.

Cinnamon Soup


Paintings are artistically created in various materials form watercolor to acrylic.  Most are on canvas, however we have just started work on glass. Each painting is an original.